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Healthy Free Range Hens

By Neil Christensen BVSc MRCVS

Preface - A Guide to Disease Control for the Free Range Egg Farmer

ISBN 0-473-03328-3 : Printed in New Zealand by Massey University Printery.

Free range egg production means different things to different people. This book was written in the early 1990s to provide practical guidance on disease control for egg producers running upwards of 200 birds (then a viable commercial flock) with access to outside range for much of the day, but being fed a commercial layer ration.

Producers of barn eggs, veterinarians in general practice (who saw increased demands for service from a more diversified egg production industry), and advisors in the feed and animal health industries have also found the book a useful reference.

Unfortunately Healthy Free Range Hens is now out of print (August 2014).

The rise of the internet as a source of information has rendered books such as HFRH more difficult to sustain.  It is planned that this website will provide the same information.