Medication Supply

Avivet Ltd takes pride in offering New Zealand's most comprehensive range of medication for control of avian disease.  As a veterinary practice we are able to dispense medication to suit your needs.
Product Active pack size* Description and administration
Anthelmintics (wormers)    
Flubavet 5% 600g flubendazole 600g,  (can dispense) Anthelmintic administerd via feed. Nil egg withholding period. Roundworms and tapeworms
Aviverm  levamisole 1L, 250ml, 100ml, 50ml In water anthelmintic  1ml/9kg liveweight; roundworms only, very soluble
Oxfendazole 1L oxfendazole 200ml, 100ml, 50ml, 16ml anthelmintic suspension for direct into crop, feed or water administration 1ml/9kg for 2-3 days. Roundworms and tapeworms. Very safe
Coxiprol  amprolium 1L, 250ml,   Suitable for prophyllaxis and treatment via drinking water
Baycox  toltrazuril 1L, 200ml, 100ml, 50ml, 16ml rapidly stops disease outbreak; drinking water. Piglet formulation available for direct administration
Dimetrasol 200g sol powder dimetridazole 200g sol powder Canker (pigeons), Blackhead in turkeys and game birds
Dimetramix  dimetridazole 10kg bag Blackhead (in feed)
Turbisole  ronidazole 200g sol powder Canker control (ronidazole) safe for use in breeding birds
Trichozole (flagyl)  metronidazole 200mg tabs      20-100 Canker control (flagyl), safe 
Pharmasin sol powder tylosin 1kg, 100g, 50g Mycoplasmosis, respiratory in pigeons
Amoxicillin  amoxicillin CVP Effective against variety of bacteria. CVP - prepared specially for clients on diagnosis
Doxyvet 12%   doxycycline 200g Soluble powder - moden tetracycline, better absorption
sol powder 
oxytetracycline 5kg,   500g water - first go-to antibiotic
Trimsulp 250g trimethoprim sulpha 250g bacterial infections, some anti coccidial action
Enilconazole enilconazole   to control aspergillosis in environment
Miconazole cream  miconazole 15ml To control Favus
Lovir tabs acyclovir   treat pigeon herpes virus
Nutritional supplements    
Stressol  multivitamin 500g, 5kg Vitamin supplement
Piminix  minerals 2kg,   20kg Mineral nutrition for pigeons
Alimet    methionine 5L, 1L  100ml liquid methionine to control some pecking in hens and for gut acidification plus in pigeons and other birds
We take care to ensure that you receive the most suitable medication to control the disease/condition impairing health performance or welfare of your birds, coupled with the best advice available on diagnosis and control of avian disease available in New Zealand.
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