About Us

Avivet Ltd, established in 2000 near Palmerston North, New Zealand is primarily a poultry veterinary practice built on Neil’s experience in poultry medicine in New Zealand (as poultry pathologist at Massey University, and with a leading vaccine supplier) and the South Pacific, United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East. As New Zealand’s sole registered specialist in avian medicine Neil aims to provide the premier source of impartial veterinary and animal health advice and services for the poultry world, working with poultry breeders, large scale and smaller scale producers, especially free-range egg farmers, as well as fancy poultry, government, development and regulatory agencies

The Pacific emphasis will be of interest to government agricultural departments and development agencies in PICT, and further afield. Whilst primarily concerned with poultry, pig and cattle producers in the Pacific Islands will find items of interest on the site.

Neil’s interest in intensive agriculture has led to involvement in the pig and ostrich industries. Client demand has meant involvement in nutritional and regulatory matters. Neil has played a prominent role in training industry people in poultry pathology working with Agriculture ITO and other agencies.

The advent of the digital camera and the internet has the potential to revolutionise distance diagnosis. This requires farm staff to be well trained and equipped at the post-mortem bench. The Avivet Post Mortem course is outlined on the services page shows how any service person or paraveterinary field officer can be trained equipped to do this task.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to view and use the services offered by Avivet, review the publications section (which will be built up to show the breadth and depth of our experience) and how to contact us.